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Belgian-Style Abbey Ale

Belgian-Style Abbey Ale is strong on character and rich in flavor. Seven malts, including caramel Munich and chocolate, and a definitive Belgian yeast, waft off sweet, spicy aromas. Rich tones of chocolate and dark caramel mix with nuanced dried cherries, burnt sugar and figs.

5 gallon yield, malt extract recipe


1 can Alexander’s Pale Malt Extract (4 lbs.)
2 lbs. Munton’s amber DME
1 lb. honey
2 oz. Hallertau/Liberty/Saaz/Spalt hop pellets for bittering (AA= 4-5%)
1 oz. Hallertau/Liberty/Saaz/Spalt whole leaf hops for aroma
1 oz. coriander seeds, crushed
Abbey Ale Yeast (White Labs # WLP530, WLP550, or WLP570)

1 lb. Victory/Vienna/Munich/Aromatic/Honey Malt, milled (for steeping)
½ Tbs. Irish Moss, reconstituted


Heat 2-3 gallons of water. If using steeping grains, add them in a muslin or nylon bag when the water reaches 160 degrees, turn off heat and steep for 5-10 minutes, then remove and turn heat back on. When the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat and stir in all the sugars (malt extract, DME, honey) until completely dissolved. Turn heat back on. When the wort comes to a boil, set a timer for 60 minutes and add the bittering hops. When there are 15 minutes remaining on the timer, add the coriander and (if using steeping grain) the reconstituted Irish Moss. When there are 5 minutes left on the timer, add the aroma hops. After boiling, cool to 80 degrees or less and top up with water to just over 5 gallons before adding yeast. Aerate well and ferment at 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit.

O.G. = 1.054 – 1.056

F.G. = 1.008 – 1.010

ABV = 6.0%

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