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Boston Tea Party Ale

Boston Tea Party Ale has an amber body though muted by the ice….bright lemon-tea aroma actually hints at some pale malt, perhaps a touch of ginger…amazingly full body given the ice dissolving into it, pale malt suffused with lemon-lime, green tea and a touch of dry pine…this is really quite the pleasant drink on a very hot day.

5 gallon yield, malt extract-based recipe

3.3 lb can Munton’s Plain Extra Light Malt Extract
3lbs Light DME
1 lb Clear Belgian Candi Sugar
¼ lb Special B
1 lb Munich
2 TBS mild black tea (such as Assam, Oolong, or Irish Breakfast)
1oz Centennial 9% AA (½ @ 60 minutes, ½ @ 5 minutes)
2oz Liberty 4% AA (1 @ 60 minutes, 1@ 20 minutes)
1 TBS Irish Moss (@ 20 minutes)
White Labs East Coast Ale Yeast (WLP008) or your favorite ale yeast


Add the tea to three gallons of water and heat to 160 degrees. Turn off the heat and steep the grains for five minutes, periodically agitating the bag (as you would a tea bag). Remove the steeping bag and bring the grain tea to a boil, then turn off the heat again. Stir in the malt extract, DME, and candi sugar until completely dissolved, then bring back to a boil. Set a timer for 60 minutes and add the hops and Irish Moss as directed above. Cool to 70 degrees, strain into a 6.5 gallon carboy, and top up with cool bottled water to 5.25 gallons. Aerate well, pitch yeast and ferment at 70 degrees. Allow one week for primary fermentation and one week for secondary fermentation.

O.G. = 1.055

F.G. = 1.006

ABV= 6.4%

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