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Czech Pilsner All-Grain

The Czech Pilsner, or sometimes known as the Bohemian Pilsner, is light straw to golden color and crystal clear. Hops are very prevalent usually with a spicy bitterness and or a spicy floral flavor and aroma, notably one of the defining characteristics of the Saaz hop. Smooth and crisp with a clean malty palate, many are grassy. Some of the originals will show some archaic yeast characteristics similar to very mild buttery or fusel (rose like alcohol) flavors and aromas.

9 lbs. 2-row

1 lb. Carapils

1 lb. Vienna


1.3 oz. Czech Saaz hop pellets @ 3.8%AA – bittering – 60 minutes in boil

0.7 oz. Czech Saaz hop pellets – aroma – 5 minutes in boil


Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast (WLP802)




Heat 3 gallons of strike water to 164°F, add grains and stir well to settle out at approximately 152°F. Allow mash to rest for at least 30 minutes, then recirculate until the wort runs clear. Run off to the kettle, sparging with 5 gallons of water heated to 170°F to collect a total of six gallons of sweet wort. Bring to a boil and add the bittering hops. Boil 45 minutes, then add one tablespoon of Irish Moss (reconstituted). Boil ten minutes more, then add the aroma hops. Boil another five minutes, then cool the wort as rapidly as possible to 70°F and add the yeast. Hold at 70°F until signs of fermentation begin, then bring the temperature down to about 52°F and ferment until the foamy head disappears (usually 10 to 12 days later). Rack to a secondary fermenter, allow the temperature to climb to room temp for a few days (no more than 70°F for no more than three days), then cool to 40°F or less and store cold for one week before priming and bottling. Store the bottled beer at roughly 60°F for at least two weeks before chilling and serving.

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