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English Porter

English Porter is a low to medium malt sweetness, caramel and chocolate is acceptable. Hop bitterness is medium. Softer, sweeter and more caramel-like than a robust porter, with less alcohol and body. Porters are the precursor style to stouts.

5 gallon yield, malt extract-based recipe




1 can Alexander’s Pale Malt Extract

1 can Briess Dark Malt Extract

1 lb. Caramel 80L, milled

1 lb. Chocolate Malt, milled

1 oz. Fuggle hop pellets

1 oz. Kent Golding hop pellets

1 vial English Ale Yeast (WLP002)




Heat two gallons of water to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, then turn off the heat and add the milled grains in a steeping bag. Steep for around ten minutes, periodically agitating the bag, then remove and discard the steeping grains and resume heating the grain tea. When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat again and stir in the malt extract until completely dissolved. Add the Fuggle hops and bring back to a boil; set a timer for 60 minutes. When there are 5 minutes remaining, add the Kent Golding hops. At the end of the boil, turn off the heat and begin cooling the wort to 70 degrees. When it has cooled, pour into a 6.5 gallon carboy and top up to the 5.25 gallon level with cool bottled water. Aerate well and pitch the yeast. Allow one week for primary fermentation and one week for secondary fermentation before bottling or kegging.


O.G. = 1.064

F.G. = 1.020

ABV = 5.8%

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