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Red Ale

Red Ale has an aroma full of prunes, raspberries, wine and chocolate. The taste is full of alcohol, prunes, chocolate, wine, caramel and small notes of coffee. The finish is long and bitter. I’m a big fan of these barrel aged beers that had been aged in strong alcohol beverages. There is also big pieces of yeast when the glass is empty. A sign of quality for sure. The color is dark red.

5 Gallon yield, malt extract recipe




8.5 lbs Pale Malt Extract

1 lb. Carmel 80L

4 oz. Carmel 60L

8 oz. White Wheat

1 oz. Black Patent

10 oz. Flaked Barley

0.6 oz. Columbus @ 60 min.

0.2 oz. Hallertau @ 60 min.

0.8 oz. Centennial @ 15 min.

0.8 oz. Hallertau @ 15 min.

Irish Moss @ 15 min.

California Ale Yeast (WLP001) or your favorite ale yeast




Heat 2-3 gallons of water to 175 degrees. Turn off heat and steep the milled grains in a muslin or nylon bag for 10-15 minutes, then remove the grains and bring the liquid to a boil. Turn off heat and stir in the malt extracts until completely dissolved. Return to a boil, set a timer for 60 minutes, and add the 0.6 oz. Columbus and 0.2 oz. Hallertau hops. When there are 15 minutes remaining on the timer, add the 0.8 oz. Centennial, 0.8 oz. Hallertau, and ½ TBS of Irish Moss. After boiling, cool to 80 degrees or less and top up with water to just over 5 gallons before pitching the yeast. Aerate well and ferment at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


O.G. = 1.058-1.060

F.G. = 1.010-1.012

ABV = 6.5%

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