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Stone Ruination Clone

Stone Ruination IPA was the first full-time brewed and bottled West Coast double IPA on the planet. As craft beer has evolved over the years, so too have techniques for maximizing hop flavors and aromas. For the second incarnation of our groundbreaking India pale ale, we employ dry hopping and hop bursting to squeeze every last drop of piney, citrusy, tropical essence from the hops that give this beer its incredible character.

5 Gallon yield, malt extract recipe
2 cans Alexander’s Pale Malt Extract (4 lbs. each)
2 lbs. Light DME
1 lb. Belgian Clear Candi Sugar
½ lb. Caramel Malt 10L, milled (for steeping)
2 oz. Magnum hops for bittering (AA= 11%) … boil 60 minutes
1 oz. Centennial hops for flavor … whirlpool addition (add at the end of the boil)
2 oz Centennial hop pellets for dry-hopping
½ Tbs. Irish Moss, reconstituted
California Ale Yeast (White Labs # WLP001) or your favorite ale yeast


Begin at least 24 hours in advance by making a pint starter with the California Ale yeast using one cup of the DME. Set aside another 1-¼ cups of DME for priming at bottling time. Put 3 gallons of water up to heat. Put the Caramel Malt a muslin bag, and when the water reaches 160 degrees turn off heat and steep for 10 minutes. Discard the grain bag and turn the heat back on. When the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat and stir in the sugars (malt extract, DME, candi sugar) until completely dissolved. Turn heat back on. When the wort comes to a boil, set a timer for 60 minutes and add the bittering hops. When there are 15 minutes remaining on the timer add the reconstituted Irish Moss. At the end of the 60 minute boil, turn off the heat and add the “whirlpool” hops. Cool the wort to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less and top up the fermenter with water to five and a quarter gallons total. Aerate well and ferment at 72 degrees Fahrenheit for one week, then rack to a secondary fermenter. Add the Centennial “dryhops” and allow to ferment for one more week before siphoning to the bottling bucket. Dissolve the remaining one and a quarter cups of DME in boiling water, cool it down and stir it into the bottling bucket immediately before bottling. Allow two weeks at room temperature for conditioning in the bottle before chilling down the beer.

Target O.G. = 1.069

Target F.G. = 1.010

ABV = approximately 7.7%

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